Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit (sHPU)

Removing the need for large topside umbilical and reel. The sHPU is purposely built for use with subsea systems. The pump is based on a traditional 5 piston radial pump with fixed displacement.

The sHPU handles any control or high viscosity fluid. It comes with several motor configurations with voltage ranging from 24DC to 500AC. Communications may be Ethernet, Modbus, CAN- bus, analogue or autonomous operations. Internal pressure transmitters regulates between start and stop pressures.

The sHPU’s ease of service is considered with its separate compensated crankshaft housing, ceramic pistons, high quality materials and maintenance optimized design. The motor controller with flexibility to control speed, torque and pressure settings provides benefits for advanced control loops.

Due to its fixed displacement and speed control, the sHPU accurately estimates the pump flow. The system is offered as sale or rental.

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